uhf tv preamplifier circuit

This is a low cost, antenna-mounted, this UHF TV pre-amplifier circuit can add more than 25db of gain. The first stage of the pre-amplifier is biased from optimum gain. L1, L2 strip line equivalent with Lambda/8 of PC board. An RF power amplifier is a type of electronic amplifier which is utilised to convert a low-power radio-frequency signal into

a larger signal of significant power, usually for driving the antenna of a transmitter. It is usually optimized to have high efficiency, high output Power (P1dB) compression, good gain, good return loss on the input and output, and optimum heat dissipation. The basic applications of the RF power amplifier include driving to another high power source, driving a transmitting antenna, microwave heating, and exciting resonant cavity structures. Among these applications, driving transmitter antennas is most well known.

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