ultrasonic cleaning transducers series parallel

A small ultrasonic cleaning device and it runs 1 x 50W transducer at the moment. I am going to build another that uses two 20W transducers and was just wondering what the best configuration is, to wire them in series or in parallel My circuit designs should be regarded as experimental. Although they work in simulation, their component values may need altering

or additional components may be necessary when the circuits are built. Due safety precautions should be taken with any circuit involving mains voltage or electrostatic-sensitive components. You are going to have to position your transducers at very precise distances from each other to avoid them canceling one another out. It depends on the impedance of the 20watt unit compared to the 50watt unit, you do need to impedance match, I`m thinking series is probably the way to go, With the Ohms at 30 per 20W parallel would make it 15 Ohms which is probably closer to the 20 Ohms of the standard transducer as opposed to series that would make it 60 Ohms

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