ultrasonic measurement circuit

This is a design circuit for an electrostatic transducer for ultrasonic measurement circuit. This circuit uses the LM1812 ultrasonic transceiver. Transducer x1 and LM1812 will transmit a burst of oscillations. Then the return echo is listened by using X1. The LM1812 detector will generate a pulse of the same width as the original burst when the X1
ultrasonic measurement circuit - schematic

receive an echo of sufficient amplitude. If the return echo is early, it`s mean the object is near. This is the figure of the circuit; If the parts and values shown are used, this circuit has a range of about 4 inches to 30 feet. The X1 has a 500-pF capacitance that resonate with the L6 at 50 to 60kHz. The L1 is tuned to this frequency by watching for maximum echo sensitivity with a scope at pin 1. [Circuit diagram source: National Semiconductor Linear Application]

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