ultrasonic transmitter 40khz

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

40kHZ one ultrasonic transmitter circuit, the F1 ~ F3 three oscillators in the F3 is 40kHZ square wave output, frequency mainly by C1, R1 and RP decided to adjust the adjustable resistance with a frequency of RP. F3 transducer excitation output T40-16 at one end and the inverter F4, F4 transducer excitation output T40-16 the other end, therefore,

ultrasonic transmitter 40khz
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join F4 doubling the excitation voltage. Capacitors C3, C2 and F4 F3 balance the output of the waveform is stable. Inverter circuit, F1 ~ F4 with the CC4069 in four of six inverter inverter, and the remaining two do not (input should be grounded. ) Power Supply 9V laminated battery. F3 output frequency measurement should be 40kHZ ± 2kHZ, or should be adjusted RP. Transmitting ultrasonic signals greater than 8m. 40kHZ second ultrasonic transmitting circuit, the circuit transistors VT1, VT2 form strong feedback resonator oscillator, the oscillation frequency equal to the ultrasonic transducer T40-16 resonant frequency. T40-16 is the feedback coupling element, the circuit is the output for the transducer. T40-16 is similar at both ends of the square wave oscillation waveform, voltage amplitude close to the power supply voltage. S is the power switch, click S, T40-16 can drive a string of 40kHZ emitted ultrasonic signals. Circuit voltage of 9V, the operating current of about 25mA. Transmitting ultrasonic signals greater than 8m. Circuit can work without debugging. 40kHZ ultrasonic transmitter circuit, produced by the VT1, VT2 positive feedback form feedback oscillator. Circuit oscillation frequency depends on the feedback element of the T40-16, the resonant frequency of 40kHZ ± 2kHZ. Frequency stability, no need to make any adjustment by the T40-16 as a transducer of the ultrasonic signals emitted 40kHZ. Inductor L1 and...

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