universal battery charger schematic

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The charger can charge a single cell or a number of series-connected cells up to a maximum of 18V. Power transistors Q1 and Q2 are connected as series regulators to control the battery charger`s output voltage and charge-current rate. An LM-317 adjustable voltage regulator supplies the drive signal to the bases of power transistor Q1 and Q2.

universal battery charger schematic
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Potensiometer R9 sets the output-voltage level. A current sampling resistor, R8 (a 0. 1 ohm/5W unit), is connected between the negative output lead and circuit ground. For each amp of charging current that flows through R8, a 100mV output is developed across it. The voltage developed across R8 is fed to one input of comparator U3. The other input of the comparator is connected to variable resistor R10. As the charging voltage across the battery begins to drop, the current through R8 decrease. Then the voltage feeding pin 5 of U3 decreases, and the comparator output follows, turning Q3 back off, which completes the signal`s circular path to regulate the battery`s charging current.

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