usb data logger

The Vinculum board is controlled using DOS commands and so every time you send a command if the command is executed successfully the board sends a D:> response that indicates its ready for the next command. If you try and send commands faster than the Vinculum board takes to execute them and don`t wait until after the Vinculum board has sent the D:>  ready for new command response, I

found I would get errors in the data stored and it would sometimes crash. To solve this the arduino sketch code listens for a response from the Vinculum board after it sends each command, if it receives D:>  which I`ve called the ok response then it can go on to send the next command. If it receives No disk  it stops trying to write to a non existent disk and waits until a disk is inserted and the start write button is pressed. Just a simple start/stop write button. To start writing you hold the button down for 2s and the led comes on to indicate writing. To stop writing you hold it down again for 2s and the led turns off. If the arduino wait for `ok` response code receives a `no disk` response. The led is automatically turned off. The arduino sketch here works with the board independently of any of the other energy monitor hardware and code. It will just write the values set in the variable declaration to the board as an example. I have my arduino connected with the ethernet shield to internet to upload values to mysql database each 10 seconds, but sometimes it crashes and it goes offline, i loose all the data for that time. I would like to save that data to the usb so that later i can update the mysql database with the missing data.

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