Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This is a 5Volt to 12Volt DC-DC step-up (boost) converter circuitry with the intention of is especially ideal pro the USB powered applications. primarily of all a USB harbor has two current supply modes. beforehand detecting the connected device, it food highest 100mA to the load. once recognizing the device, it increases the output current up to

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500mA. Taking part in this circuit, controller (LT1618) moreover provides two input current modes. 100mA and 500mA input modes can be there selected by the user. Output currents are narrow due to the increased the makings difference on the output. as soon as the demand of the load increases, output voltage pray start to decrease. representing paradigm, if the circuit operates within the 100 mA input mode, once the load is 35 mA, the output voltage will come to pass reserved on 12V. But if the load increases to 50 mA, output voltage strength of character reduce to 8V to preserve the constant 100 mA input current. You are reading the article about USB Voltage Converter 5V to 12V and you can find articles USB Voltage Converter 5V to 12V this the url. You may distribute or copy articles USB Voltage Converter 5V to 12V this is beneficial if you or your friends, but do not forget to include the link source.

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