ve170 monitor repair with led

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The problem with this monitor is that the power supply for the vacuum tube back lighting dies. The first step is to totally disassemble the monitor into little pieces, then carefully remove the gold colored trays that hold the vacuum tubes. Then carefully remove the tubes themselves without breaking them, like that can be done. The LED`s are spaced at about 1/2 inches apart by using the edge of a cardboard box as can

ve170 monitor repair with led
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be seen below. This was the test setup using a 9 volt battery, the LED`s are spaced every three holes from each other. The LED`s are wired in sets of 3 with a 12 ohm 1 watt resistor in series with all of the sets of three LED`s. A 10 ohm to 15 ohm resistor would work just as well. This is what the LED`s look like in the tray. They have to be angled at a 45 degree angle towards the back of the screen in order to fit and it is a very tight fit. I tried to use a flat front LED so it could aim directly up at the screen but did not see any increase in brightness. This is what it looks like with the bottom tray full of LED`s. There are a total of 27 LED`s in the bottom light tray in this photo. There needs to be about 27 LED`s in each of the trays. The dark areas are where the resistors are located. I no longer put any resistors in the tray for that reason. As you might be able to guess the labor far exceeds the value of the fixed monitor. Also you can see in the photo above that unless you space the LED`s so they are almost touching each other then there will be blank spaces between them. The ideal solution would be surface mount LED`s on a circuit board to provide continuous lighting. The picture below shows what it looks like compared to a laptop. As you can see it is not as bright and the picture has a purple color to it. Even thought the color looks white to the eye it is somewhat blue by comparison. The LED`s used were 3mm...

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