Posted on Feb 6, 2014

VisISP-52 is a Windows application that will run on all modern versions of Windows (Win95, Win98, Win2000, WinME, and WinXP) and which will allow supported microcontrollers to be programmed `in-system`. It was developed specifically to program the Atmel AT89S8252 and AT89S8253 installed in an SBC but should work equally well for any

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other design that uses a compatible ISP and one of the supported microcontrollers. To install VisISP-52 on your computer, simply download the following installation program and run it. This will install the application on your computer and add the appropriate icons to your "Programs" menu. You may then launch the program normally. VisISP-52`s interface is very straight-forward as is pictured below. A single window with minimal menu options provides access to the primary features of the program: Writing new firmware to the microcontroller, reading the firmware that is currently in the microcontroller, and erasing the microcontroller`s memory. Before proceeding, make sure you`ve selected the right microcontroller in the "Microcontroller" drop-down window. At this time, VisISP-52 only supports the Atmel AT89S8252 and AT89S8253. To Write Firmware to the Microcontroller: In order to write firmware to the microcontroller, first select the HEX file you wish to download by pressing the "file" button to the right of the "File to Program" prompt. You will be allowed to select a HEX file which will be loaded into memory. Once you`ve selected the file, you may download it to the microcontroller by pressing the "Write" button. A progress window will be displayed as the file is transferred to the microcontroller. To Read Firmware from the Microcontroller: You may read the contents of a microcontroller by pressing the "Read" button. This...

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