voltage How to amplify 3.3 volts to 8-9v

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Turn on a `black box` of leds (that operates at 8-9v) when my motion sensor is activated. The problem I`ve got is that the output of my PIR is only 3. 3 volts. Here is my crappy schematic. There are a few things that need to be fixed. First, A resistor is not a good way to reduce voltage. Second, a model number for the PIR sensor, would be useful. As would the current requirements for the LED box. How are the leds normally

voltage How to amplify 3.3 volts to 8-9v
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connected to power, a dc wallwart/adaptor Most PIR sensors outputs are only on for a very small amount of time per trigger, with a lockout period, so the leds might only be on for a very short time. A generic answer would be using a transistor as a switch, but you need to know the PIR output current and the LED box current for a proper answer. Passerby Apr 16 `13 at 0:53 Im using the Parallax PIR : parallax. com/tabid/768/productid/83/default. aspx The Led Box current requierement is 8mA (it is a "solder yourself" blinking leds kit) and I just happend to want to turn it on when the PIR sensor is activated. Power will be coming from a 9v battery. Rhyuk Apr 16 `13 at 1:08

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