voltage Serial and parallel circuits and power

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

12V of power, and wanted to power LEDs with a forward voltage of 2V, could I only power 6 of them Would I connect the cathode of one to the anode of the next, creating a kind of serial connection Or is there a way to have each LED be it`s own loop Thank you. In series-parallel, you have multiple current loops. Each loop can carry as many LEDs as you can power from your supply voltage.

voltage Serial and parallel circuits and power
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For example, if you had LEDs with a nominal 1. 7Vf, then you would have 5 LEDs for a total of 8. 5V. With a power supply voltage of 12V, a reasonable resistor choice for each branch would be (12 - 8. 5)/. 02 = 190. Closest standard 5% resistor value I can think of is 220 ohms which would give you 16mA per branch. Should be plenty bright enough.

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