voltage to frequency converter

This voltage to frequency converter is designed to be connected to a frequency counter to display the voltage value being measured. This converter-counter combination produces a cheap but functionally complete digital voltmeter. The circuit delivers TTL compatible pulses which are 5 ┬ÁS wide. The pulse frequency is proportional to the DC voltage b
voltage to frequency converter - schematic

eing measured. The conversion factor is 10 kHz per volt. When the input level is 0 V the frequency output is 0 Hz. The resistor R2 (together with C1) determines the conversion factor and has the value of around 90 K. To achieve best results use a metal film resistor for R2 in series with a multiturn trimmer resistor. This multiturn resistor will enable you to set the correct resistance value. Resistors R9 and R14 must be metal film types.

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