Posted on Feb 5, 2014

V-USB is a software-only implementation of a low-speed USB device for Atmel`s AVR ® microcontrollers, making it possible to build USB hardware with almost any AVR ® microcontroller, not requiring any additional chip. Supports multiple endpoints: one control endpoint, two interrupt/bulk-in endpoints and up to 7 interrupt/bulk-out endpoints.

Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

(Note that the USB specification forbids bulk endpoints for low speed devices, but V-USB supports them to some degree. ) D1 and D2 are a low cost replacement for a low drop 3. 3 V regulator chip, such as the LE33. Operating the AVR at higher voltages exceeds the common mode range of many USB chips. If you need to run the AVR at 5 V, add 3. 6 V zener diodes at D+ and D- to limit the voltage.

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