whats wrong my h bridge drivers

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

I`ve tried to make drivers for my H-bridge circuit using complimentary emmiters but the square wave outputs runat a constant 25v instead of +-10v square wave The image is a bit hard to read but it looks like your mosfets` gates and sources are wire together (or gate connection is missing). also you have 8 voltage sources - you might want to reduce

whats wrong my h bridge drivers
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that number. edit: you might want to make your schematic more compact, save at a higher resolution and crop out the unnecessary stuff (like anything but the schematic) the image is bigger and more readable. If you post the. ASC file for your circuit, I might play with it and see what I can come up with. You will have to either ZIP it, or change the extension to. TXT so that the forum will accept it. user1453, are you really sure the upper half of the H-bridge does what you think it does In order to turn the mosfet on, you`ll need to supply 50V + 12V to the emitter followers. At present, Q3, Q4, Q7, Q8 are only ever going to see at most 12V. If this were a real circuit, those mosfets would`ve probably blown their gates - followed by some more smoke. Look up voltage translation circuits. Open-collector/resistor pull-up types are probably the kind you want, although AC coupling via capacitors/transformers would also do. One side note - you`re probably also better off using as many "ideal" spice components as possible - AC voltage sources for the (I think it`s an oscillator, but I haven`t built any in a long time), and get rid of the voltage divider op-amp too. Also get of unnecessary voltage sources - especially floating ones- in the circuit. It makes it much harder to read and isn`t very realistic.

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