white lights

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The white LEDs have different voltage and current requirements so they will need different resistors. So I`ll begin with a parts list: It`s the same idea as before, only the white LEDs are shaped differently because they have their own heatsink that they are mounted on. The two bullet lights are going to be smaller side lamps, while a large bullet headlight is going to be the main headlight.

white lights
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Here it is opened up. I removed the light bulb but did not bother removing the battery case, as it was riveted in place and would have been very difficult to remove without damaging anything: I mounted the rear bullet lights using some of the premade mounting holes on the trike frame. Also visible are the wire crimps I used to connect up the whole trike. I am going to put black heat-shrink tubing over the crimps so they`re not quite so visible: Finally, all the wires (made of black 20 gauge lamp wire held in place by black zip ties) were run to a bag strapped behind the seat. The bag is just the right size to hold the electronics box: And there you go! The lights are bright as heck! I calculated the batteries as lasting around 2. 5 hours, but we haven`t tested the system to that limit yet, as we generally recharge the batteries after every ride anyway.

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