wifi radio with lcd display

This is the seventh part of an ongoing series about building a low cost, open source streaming internet radio. If you haven`t already, check out the previous parts (see the links at the end of this article) for some background about the project. In part six, we used OpenWrt`s UNIX-style shell commands to interface with mpd, the music player daemo

n, and redirect song and stream information to our ASUS WL-520gU wireless router`s serial port. In this part, we`ll use a Sparkfun 16G—2 LCD display and a handful of other components to build an LCD status display for the radio. After much thought, I decided to use an Atmel ATmega168 AVR microcontroller to drive the display. I realize that this raises the technical level of this project significantly, but I have been wanting to feature an AVR project on the site and this is a great opportunity. The truth is that an Arduino would work just as well and it shouldn`t be too difficult to port this program to an Arduino sketch. (The Arduino is built with the same ATmega168 microcontroller, after all. ) If anyone does this, let me know and I`ll post a link to your version of the display. If you are new to the AVR, don`t be intimidated. There are a number of tutorials online to help you learn how to use this inexpensive and powerful microcontroller. I recommend starting with this one or maybe this one, but see my note about AVR MacPack below if you`re using a Mac. If you`ve never programmed in C before, you`ll have an additional hurdle to get over, although for this project you won`t need any actual knowledge of programming or C to burn the code to the AVR and get things working. I recommend following a tutorial or two and getting a simple blinking LED example working on your AVR before building the LCD display. That way you can be...

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