wireless picaxe based water tank level sensor

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The design is based entirely on Silicon Chip`s PIC-Based Water-Tank Level Meter, but instead of programming PICs, I prototyped using an arduino, and built the final version using PICAXE microcontrollers. An MPX-2010DP silicon pressure sensor (temperature compensated and calibrated) is mounted inside a small project case, and screwed directly to

wireless picaxe based water tank level sensor
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the water outlet of the tank. Water from the tank enters in via a 12. 5mm threaded nipple, which is reduced to 3mm plastic tube connected to the pressure sensor. Air remains in the 3mm plastic tube, and is pressurised by the water coming in from the tank. The more water in the tank, the more force that is placed on the air in the tube, increasing the pressure which is read by the second component of the sensor, the sensor circuitry. The sensor circuitry consists of a 1. 5V to 5V voltage step up circuit, an instrumentation amplifier to read the pressure sensor, a PICAXE microcontroller to convert the analog signal from the pressure sensor to a digital reading, and a 433MHz RF transmitter to transmit the water level and battery voltage to a remote base station and computer. Apart from the use of an 18X PICAXE microcontroller, the circuit is essentially the same as the Telemetry  version of the Silicon Chip project ( schematic ). I also left out the BCD switches as I only have one tank which negates the need for them, as well as the three-colour LED. The transmitted water level and battery voltage is received and displayed on an indoor base station, as well as being received by another RF receiver and 08M PICAXE built on a breadboard and connected to a PC, which stores the level in a database for displaying the water level on the web. Again, the design has been based on the Silicon Chip project and the third part of their...

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