AVR-P40-USB-8535 BOARD FOR AT90S8535

Posted on Dec 25, 2012    10889

There are two ways to program AVR-P40-USB: with ICSP port and with JTAG port. To program via ICSP port you need serial port or parallel port AVR-ICSP programmer dongle (Olimex part # AVR-PG1B or AVR-PG2B). The serial port ICSP programmer (AVR-PG1B) works with PonyProg software by from Claudio Lanconelli and the latest release may be download for free from lancos.com The parallel port ICSP programmer (AVRPG2B) works with AVR ISP from Atmel and may be download for free from Atmels web site.

AVR-P40-USB-8535 BOARD FOR AT90S8535 - image 1
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JTAG programming/debugging: AVR-JTAG (complete analog of ATMELs AVR JTAG ICE) is development tool for programming, real time emulation and debugging for AVR microcontrollers JTAG interface (ATmega16, ATmega32, ATMega323, ATmega162, ATmega169, ATmega128). AVRJTAG have: JTAG 10 pin connector (Atmel layout), status LED, RS232 connector. AVRJTAG allows access to all the powerful features of the AVR microcontroller. All AVR resources can be monitored: Flash memory, EEPROM memory, SRAM memory, Register File, Program Counter, Fuse and Lock Bits, and all I/O modules. AVR-JTAG also offers extensive Onchip Debug support for break conditions, including break on change of Program memory flow, Program memory Break Points on single address or address range, and Data memory Break Points on single address or address range. JTAG interface: The JTAG connector is 2x5 pin with 0,1" step and Atmels compatible layout. The PIN.1 is marked with square pad on bottom and arrow on top. JTAG signals are: 1- TCK, 2- GND, 3- TDO, 4- VREF, 5- TMS, 6- NSRST, 7- VCC, 8- NTRST, 9- TDI, 10- GND. RS232 interface: RS232 interface is designed around USB to RS232 convertor IC FT232. More information about this IC you can found from manufacturers web site http://www.ftdi.com. You should also download the proper drivers for your OS from the same internet site. All RS232 modem signals are available around FT232 IC for...

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