Simple Parallel (Printer) Port Interface

Posted on Jun 29, 2012

This is the basic interface I used as part of my Computerized Room project. This is the parallel interface only. The 8 bit input card can be found, along with the rest of the project, at Computerize Your Room/House. This interface, as well as the other two interfaces, came from the book `The Robot Builders Bonanza`, by Gordan McComb. This interface is also useful for controlling small robots, etc. It is cheap and fairly easy to build, although you should not attempt this project unless you have prior experience with electronics. You probably won`t damage anything if you hook it up wrong, but there is always a chance (some parallel ports are better protected then others). If possible, test the project on someone else`s, or a school computer

Simple Parallel (Printer) Port Interface
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

# I built the interface on a piece of universal solder board due to the large number of wires that must cross. It is also much easier to fix mistakes then on a PC board. I also used a 25 pin crimp connector to connect it to the parallel port. 26 conductor

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