Circuit gang-programs EEPROMs over I2C bus

Posted on Apr 1, 2013

You use the fully controlled circuit in Figure 1 to parallel-program two-wire serial EEPROMs via the I2C bus. Gang programmers must address all memory devices during a write operation. To verify the memory contents, however, the system must address only one memory at a time during read operations. Therefore, the system in Figure 1 addresses the memory devices either in parallel or one at a time. Information transfer between devices connected to the I2C bus system requires a SDA (serial-data) and SCL (serial-clock) signals.

A device connected to the bus can operate as a transmitter or a receiver. A master device initiates a data transfer on the bus, generates clock signals, and terminates the transfer. The master addresses a slave device. To connect devices on an I2C multima

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