Pilot-Modem dialog

Posted on Apr 5, 2012

1. Because there is no DTR wire (modem pin 20) from Pilot. Pilot can simulate DTR line but this is not used at this moment (needs a pull-up) 2. This way we can not dial without a known dial tone if needed (like in some areas out of USA) 3. There no reason for this setting. Using X4 modem will dial as soon as it detects a known dial tone. Modem will not dial without a known dial tone (no good outside USA).

This is a modified practical peripherals 24/96 fax modem. I took the standard 4 foot pilot modem cable and cut it to make the whole package smaller. I only used TX, RX and signal ground so there is no hardware flow control. I don`t seem to have any p

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