D A conversion frequency generator complementary bipolar

As shown in FIG, AD7520 is a CMOS type integrated circuit DAC over 10 channel, may be provided with l0 N-bit digital output proportional to the input current Io1, it offers the

(1023-N) proportional to the current Io2. VT1, VT2 and broadband dual op amp LF353N capacitor C1, C2 charging current. When the charging voltage of C1, C2 reaches the threshold level when the 2/3 VDD, 556 reset; C1, C2 through the inner discharge tube discharge substrate corresponding to 1/3 VDD, then set to and is proportional to N the Io1 and rate Io2 and (1023-N) is proportional to recharge the battery. Because Io1 digital proportional to N, so the availability of l0 ~ 10000Hz frequency output. 555 provides the pulse and sawtooth output simultaneously. RP1 is used to adjust the frequency range.

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