Flyback converter circuit Clamp

Posted on Nov 10, 2015    5717

In the work process analysis circuit diagram, for example, and use of work in flyback converter transformer model. Flyback transformer is mainly composed of ideal

Flyback converter circuit Clamp
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transformer magnetizing inductance and leakage inductance components. Figure flyback converter circuit Clamp Leaving the high-frequency resonance occurs at both ends of the switch DS voltage increases, but due to the leakage inductance energy can be generated VSPIKE timely transfer to the CC, leaving the terminal voltage CC rose from the secondary reflector to the maximum voltage VOR (VOR + VSPIKE); when the switch is turned on, CC through the resistor RC discharge tube so that the next cycle before the switch is turned off, the voltage can be made to recover from CC (VOR + VSPIKE) to the VOR. Thus, as long as a reasonable set of time constants, we can guarantee within one cycle will be transferred to CC leakage inductance energy release is completed.

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