Self oscillating flyback converter


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Voltage to Frequency Circuits / Converter Circuits
Diode Dl prevents negative spikes from occurring at the MOSFET gate, the 100 ohm resistor is a parasitic suppressor, and Z1 serves as a dissipative voltage regulator for the output and also clips the drain voltage to a level below the rated power FET breakdown voltage.
Self oscillating flyback converter - schematic

Low-power converter uses the core characteristics to determine frequency. With the transformer shown, operating frequency is 250 kHz.


  • The period of this oscillation is related to the area of the loop, which means that the sum of from a large number of SQUIDs with different loop sizes is more or less constant at most applied magnetic-field strengths –
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    The device operates from a wide input range of 2.375 V to 20 V and regulates two output adjustable from 0.6 V to 5.5 V. Each output is a synchronous buck operating at high efficiency. The operating efficiencies for delivering
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    Electronics EETimes (registration) Before discussing how to speed up the PSR flyback , let us review the PSR flyback control methodology. The PSR control scheme senses at the VS pin the scaled output (VOUT) through the transformer's auxiliar
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    Electronic Design The basic buck (Fig. 1a) consists of a MOSFET switch (S1), diode, output inductor (L), and output capacitor (C). During operation, S1 alternates between the closed (on) and open (off) states. When S1 is closed, the inpu
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    Electronics EETimes (registration) target high switching SiC MOSFET challengeThe come equipped with an ultra-low parasitic capacitance and power sharing capabilities, and they are all fully compliant to UL-60950-1, RoHS2, and REACH. Hi
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