Digital lighting circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

After the SCM execution, Pl output port to bidirectional input 74LS245 driver chips, the same driver each phase of the digital control, according to the information Pl port out

Digital lighting circuit
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put in digital form characters, with a digital display to achieve the purpose of the character. Pl 74LS245 input port and is connected to its output terminal connected to the segments directly with digital control. Among them, 19 feet 74LS245 is called enabling control terminal, when the pin is low, 74LS245 only transmit data, so 19 feet and the ground phase. 1 foot is the transmission direction control terminal, when the pin is high, 2 to 9 feet for the input side, 18 ~ 11 feet for the corresponding output; when 1 pin is low, 18 to 11 feet as an input, 2 to 9 feet for the corresponding output. Example 1 of the present circuit pin to low, input and output is used in the latter. Digital tube common cathode terminal connected to earth, this connection is called static.

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