Adc Poller Circuit

Posted on Aug 10, 2012

Because the CS5501 16-bit-delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter lacks a start convert command, it converts continuously, outputting conversion words to its output register every 1024 cycles of its master clock. However, by incorporating a standard dual J-K flip-flop into the circuit, the ADC can be configured to output a single-conversion word only when it is polled.The CS5501 converter can be operated in its asynchronous communication mode (UART) to transmit one 16-bit conversion word when it is polled over an RS-232 serial line (see figure). A null character (all zeros) is transmitted to the circuit and sets the flip-flop PF2. The CS5501 can then output a single-conversion word, which is transmitted over the RS-232 line as two bytes with start and stop bits.

Adc Poller Circuit
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

The baud rate can be chosen by selecting the appropriate clock divider rate on the 74HC4040 counter/divider as the serial port clock (SLCK) for the ADC. This type of polled-mode operation is also useful when the ADC`s output register is configured to operate in the synchronous-serial clock (SSC) mode. In this case, the converter will load one output word into a 16-bit serial-to-parallel register (two 74HC595 8-bit registers) when polled to do so (see figure).

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