Ultrasonic range finder

Posted on Nov 11, 2012    6121

An ultrasonic, or sonar, range finder is a common sensor in robotic systems and industrial environments. Even home and automotive uses are possible. A novel sensor design consists of a WC, a few peripheral components, and a pair of ultrasonic transducers (Figure 1). The range-finder module consists of a WC, a transmitter, a receiver, a direct-receive inhibit circuit, and an RS-485 interface. The module`s usable range is approximately 4 in. to 16 ft with an accuracy of approximately ±2 in. This performance is sufficient for many industrial, automotive, and robotic uses.

Measuring distance with ultrasonic signals requires a transmitting ultrasonic transducer; a medium, such as air or water; a reflecting surface or object; a receiving ultrasonic transducer; and a time-of-flight measurement circuit. The speed of sound in ai

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