Address decoder interface circuit


Posted on Dec 11, 2010    11904

Decoding circuit: In order to make the various interfaces to work properly, the system needs to assign IP addresses to all ports. According to the number of system interfaces,

Address decoder interface circuit - schematic

it adopts the 74LS154, can be translated to 16 addresses, the interface circuit shown in Figure 27-50. The figure, the address bus A15, A14 control decoder control terminal Gl. A13, A12 control decoder control terminal G2. All-A8 connected decoder selection control terminal D, C, B, A. It can analyze each port address, see Table 27-2. In addition, the system also features eight D/A conversion circuit, respectively, to control the amount of output processor brightest converted into analog, sent to the corresponding actuators. Use DAC0832, the output of 4-20mA.

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