printer-port pin acts as an encoder output

Posted on Feb 3, 2013

The HT-12E is a CMOS IC. This encoder serially transmits data as defined by the state of the A0 to A7 and D0 to D3 input pints. On power-up, the DOUT pin is low. The HT-12E begins a 4-word transmission cycle on receipt of a transmission enable, or TE, signal, which is active low. The cycle repeats as long as the TE signal is low. When TE goes high, the encoder completes its final 4-word transmission cycle and then stops (Figure 1).

You can preset the status of each address or data pin independently to logic high or low. If the TE signal is low, the encoder scans and sequentially transmits the status of the 12 bits of address and data in the order of A0 to A8 and D0 to D3 (Figure 2).

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