A typical liquid crystal display inverter circuit OZ965

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

A typical liquid crystal display inverter circuit (OZ965) It shows a typical liquid crystal display of the inverter circuit, which is mainly controlled by the 02965 chip, the d

A typical liquid crystal display inverter circuit OZ965
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riving field effect transistor U2, step-up transformer, the backlight socket part and associated circuitry configured. After 5v DC voltage by the control chip UI widget Jl provided (02 965) of the pin DC voltage; at the same time, by filtering electrical pit C2 after driving to a field effect transistor Ul step-up transformer and power supply; enable control signal (ENA) through plug Jl feet into the control chip, after the inverter circuit starts from the Ul feet pin output two opposite phase PWM pulse signal, the drive field effect transistor Ul put into large after the step-up transformer, the rise the pulse voltage transformer voltage up to about 800V, by backlight backlight lamp socket to power.

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