Color display circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Colour in teaching, in order to allow students to understand the principle of color TV color synthesis. This circuit can be beneficial to use visual teaching, realistic reprodu

Color display circuit
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ction of color signals received good teaching. Thus breaking the color synthesis abstraction. (1) Working principle of the circuit shown in Fig. It is away from the circuit according to the TV imaging using light emitting diode color synthesis circuit. FIG VT1 red light emitting diode driving circuit, VD1 ~ VD3 ultra-high brightness red LED, operating current is provided in terms of o ~ 30mA (depending on the characteristics of the light emitting diode may be), R., RP1 is VT1 base bias resistor, adjusting RP1, can change the flow through the light emitting diode operating current can be changed by a red LED diode emission luminance. VT2 green light emitting diode driving road. VT3 for the blue light-emitting diode driving circuit, VT4 as a light adjustment circuit. R4, RP4 for the VT4 base bias circuit. RP4 adjustment (ie adjustment of VT4 collector current), you can change the flow through the red, green and blue light-emitting tube current and, therefore, changes the three color brightness light-emitting tube.

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