Power phase sequence display circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Any power supply and distribution sector should phase sequence detection Huan Jj means to ensure stable power supply phase sequence unchanged. Any irreversible electromechanica

Power phase sequence display circuit
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l product itself should also have the phase sequence detection means in order to put into operation before the host power supply phase sequence is determined to meet the requirements. Three-phase power supply phase sequence indication circuit as shown when a forward phase sequence, voltage rectified by UR1 on R3, and through Ri charging C2, C2 when the voltage reaches neon EL1 Kai when the ignition voltage, EL1 lit., green. Cz by EL1 discharge; C2 is lower than the voltage to be a certain value. EL1 off, Cz again charged, while EL1 again lit, C2 refreshing. Again and again, bright green neon EL1 constantly busy, Similarly, when the inverse when the phase sequence, only the red flashing neon EL2. Adjustment RL, C2 and Shu, G time constant, you can adjust the frequency of flashing neon.

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