Wireless LCD Display (AT90S2313)

Posted on Jul 6, 2012

Its an adaptation of the 2X 16 LCD project, by adding a fettite loop antenna, two resistors, and a capacitor. Here the display shows the output of the 10 bit scanning voltmeter with Minimum Mass Wireless Coupler. Both the ferrite loop antenna and the scanning voltmeterare described elsewhere on this site.

Wireless LCD Display (AT90S2313)
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

This project is an adaptation of A serial interface for the Truly MTC-C162DPLY-2N. Similar to the Minimum Mass Wireless Coupled Frequency Meter project, the firmware was made by adapting that from a finished project. In this case, the part of the code that makes the calls to check for and retrieve data from the UART was modified to also makes calls to check for and retrieve data from the Minimum Mass Wirelss Coupler. In this way, the dispaly can accept and display input from either source, or both at the same time if there was a reason to do that. The benefit is that the display can be used with various other devices, such as the scanning voltmeter without the need to make a physical connection. Merely place the display near the gizmo sending the signal and read the result.

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