2 Watts FM transmitter


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Inside Circuits
This is a nice 2 Watts FM transmitter. It has a Super-Sensitive pre-amplification with BC109 and BC177 with more than 100% signal modulation. The job finish the 2N2219 by Motorola. For the Coils you should use 1mm wire(enameled), L1= 3 turns - 10mm diameter, L2= 1 turn - 10mm diameter. R9 trimmer controls the modulation gain. The tunning is easy by controlling C9 trimmer (88-108 MHz). The RFC J should be the VK220J with ferrite (VK200 is not suitable).

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You will be amazed how well this little monster can transmit several kilometers excellent quality sound. Feed input from a simple cd player or PC (win amp) or just connect a microphone. Enjoy!

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