8 Watts Audio Amplifier (TDA2003)

Posted on Jun 18, 2012

Nice small audio amplifier which use only few parts to give good quality sound. This amp can be used as a simple booster, the heart of a more complicated amplifier or used as a guitar amp. Although not perfect, this amplifier does have a wide frequency response, low harmonic distortion about 1.5%, and is capable of driving an 8 ohm speaker to output levels of around 8 watts with slightly higher distortion.

8 Watts Audio Amplifier (TDA2003) - image 1
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Any power supply in the range 12 to 18 Volts DC may be used.

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baba   Jul 8, 2008

These circuits are not using Electronic Experts, Only beginers, So you may present with more details , except circuit diagram , like part details , PCB desing ect...

muwanga sam bright   Jun 24, 2008

the way the circuit is displayed is not complete in that one can't adopt it in his project

esat   Nov 18, 2007


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