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Inside Circuits
The PWM controller uses complementary half-H peripheral drivers SN75603 and SN75604, with totem-pole outputs rated at 40 V and 2.0 A. These drivers effectively place the motor in a full-bridge configuration, which has the ability to provide bidirectional control. Timer U1 operates in the astable mode at a frequency of 80Hz. The 100-0 discharge resistor results in an 8-p.s trigger pulse which is coupled to the trigger input of timer U2. Timer U2 serves as the PWM generator. Capacitor C1 is charged linearly with a constant current of 1 mA from the 1N5297, which is an FET current-regulator diode.
Pwm-motor-controller - schematic

Motor speed is controlled by feeding a de voltage of 0 to 10 V to control input pin 5 of U2. As the control voltage increases, the width of the output pulse pin 3 also increases. These pulses controLthe on/ off time of the two motor drivers. The trigger pulse width of timer U1 limits the minimum possible duty cycle from U2.


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