A house automatically fill light circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circuit consists of three parts is light-control section 5: Two foot f light time control section; the third is the implementation part of dry i power supply section. JCz (NE55

A house automatically fill light circuit
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5) Dry Il photoresistor Rg. J transfer resistance RP, resistor R, capacitor C composed of light Zhu circuit. When the light is strong during the day, Rg2.f low resistance, photosensitive resistance Rgfll adjustable resistor divided voltage point A is high, the pAIC2 section (3) pin output low; when f according weakened, photoresistor resistance value by twenty Tsang Tai Po, partial pressure value at point a gradually decreased, when the voltage at point a is lower than half the power supply voltage (less than 4V), integrated circuit Ic {flip, which (3) BW output high (approximately equal to the supply voltage), the outputs after filtering capacitor c time control lights as part of the power supply. Circuit resistor Ri and capacitor C, is the interference of H {, when the light control circuit to prevent lightning night I caused interference. JCi, R ,. c, RP etc. pry lamp time juvenile system part, which power is supplied by the light booth circuit, as one of the principle is that when the power is turned on, the integrated circuit IC. Circuit is composed cleared TF c, R7 begin work ashamed, rca is I4 grade serial carry-bit binary counting din/divider and oscillator. It (9) a (ll) feet have connected capacitor C, adjustable resistance and resistance R. R P2 composition oscillation circuit, change the value RPz can change the frequency of the oscillator, so when the coup delay between the oscillator the output pulse signal by I4 fractions after the frequency output from the IC] foot section (3). This signal, on the one hand through the diode D, so that stops the oscillator, IC; A is maintained at a high electrical output state on the other hand by the resistance scale, to the transistor VT enforcement and other servants of the banking circuit, the lights turned off. From IC, began to work to put on hold this time it is turned on to light up the work of l knot Cambodia word. Optical gate tuner 4N25, triac vs. AC then delete a contact to switch execution circuit. When the light control circuit ashamed dark because the light H 1 for start output high, the operating voltage of the transistor V t get well by resistors R4 provide bias Luk it saturated conduction, AC contactor is energized units. Its normally open contact. J closed sets, chicken station fill Wherever light work when the work. after a given time by the delay in lcz knot Cambodia, 3) feet high output wells insurance holds,: V Ti newspaper tube saturated conduction, the collector electric melon brand scoop about 0.2V, the transistor vrz by the memory chicken cut into saturated Park station lights turned off, stopping Ik fill light. AC power transformer T secondary output voltage by the full-bridge rectifier, capacitor filter, lcl steady pressure, this machine provides 12V power supply.

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