A sound and light control switch circuit II

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

AB generated at both ends of the voltage is adjusted to take after being rectified by supplying the motor armature windings, thereby adjusting 15W Lan achieve speed purposes. I

A sound and light control switch circuit II
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t is worth noting contention two meals pipe bridge despite freewheeling role, Tanzania motor speed is very low when will appear jerky. Because: At this point the triac conduction time when Xu short, the motor should a potential shadow under the ring, and has been turned off in the critical state of instability forgive. Resolved to do remove drawer trying to reduce the triac cut back electromotive Dan nosebleed influence feeding very Liduan member dummy load resistor connected, also being SCR conduction angle hour work properly. This resistor should be chosen to eliminate the motor amidships low Lian beat prevail. I used the machine to a 70W electric resistance lkn wells connected to eliminate jitter. But in the end Sh armature l l bring resistor power consumption, because the electric machine with voltage l island to build run-time, the voltage across the resistor also children of this building chop 220V, the resistance power of 48.4W. Husband to the extent r water tolerance. The well is then connected to the resistance of two AC input rectifier bridge (ie FIG q1 of AH two points), the electric power pllwJ H is greatly reduced. The same is 7nW motor, then the value of the resistor connected to the well of 20k0 can effectively eliminate the motor when the beating. This is called the ki resistance in high-speed operation of the motor lamination) J consumption is 2.4W. Of course, r reducing fat goose, the actual resistance of the power t bite selected to be slightly more husband. As for 1 above 70W motor selection r 5W20kn resistance. Such speed circuit - less demanding occasions is particularly simple fact in fJ

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