Dual flashing string circuit 2

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As is the use of thyristor controlled unidirectional flashing lights string controller, diodes VTI, VT2 connected to a multi-I are from Che oscillator, after power, VT1, VI12 t

Dual flashing string circuit 2
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ake turns alternately turned on and off. When VT1 is turned off when VT2 DC power supply on by R;, IFDl single injection of the thyristor VT3 door, so vn opened, El string lights lit; if VT1 end, when VT2 guide slovenly, when the light-emitting tube I. EDl off, VT3 fail to trigger current shutdown, E1 put out in particular. While DC power supply by R, I: D2 injection of one-way thyristor VF4 f J pole, so v D 4 E2 open string lights lit, so the labyrinth light strings El and F: 2 alternately flashing light and flame. LED tube plate I. F: r) l and LFD2 play indication, representing J bright fire and light string {: l, F2 synchronous deep change section RP old white excited multivibrator oscillation frequency, it. Section can split half flashing lights. AC frequency comb. VT3, VT4 cho MCRI .- S-type and other small plastic single product BJ thyristor .f require (: 1-1H 400V polypropylene capacitors five other devices without special requirements.

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