Eight outputs flash circuit diagram

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown in the circuit is a state of the flash output can change the speed of lighting control circuit according to the strength of eight timing of the audio signal. Circuit p

Eight outputs flash circuit diagram
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rinciple: This circuit uses eight flash IC assembled LP188, LP188 uses 14-pin dual in-line plastic package. Its internal logic diagram shown in a, the circuit of 14 feet and 7 feet, respectively positive and negative power supply, 6 feet R/C is a voltage controlled oscillator input, 8 feet and 9 feet for the input and output of audio amplifier, Q0 ~ Q5 are eight flash output. Circuit power supply voltage is 9 ~ 18V; audio amplifier gain of 100dB, audio amplifier input signal 0.5Vpp, voltage controlled oscillator input signal 1.5Vpp, flash Each output current greater than 20mA, voltage controlled frequency modulation rate 1-20 times. Figure b flash circuit coupled from the C1 to the audio signal amplifier and control the voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) the oscillation frequency. Input signal amplitude, fast oscillation frequency, otherwise slow. Modulation rate of between 1 to 20 times, the oscillation frequency is determined by Rx and Cx, Rx can be 470k Euro ~ 1.5M Europe, Cx at 1 ~ 2uF value between the current limiting resistor R limit the size of the current work in every way. Flash shape can be edited as desired group, whose output can also be used in parallel, if Q0Q4, Q1Q5, Q2Q6, Q3Q7 output terminal in parallel, can be constructed four decorative fun flash circuit. Component selection: D0 ~ D7 optional ordinary luminous tube, R0 ranging between 10 to 30 ohms.

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