Electronic Ballast circuit diagram

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circuit works The fluorescent lamp electronic ballast circuit by the rectifier filter circuit, high-frequency oscillation circuit and output circuit. Circuit, the rectifier fil

Electronic Ballast circuit diagram
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ter circuit consists of a rectifier diode VDV D4 and filter capacitor C1, C2 composition; high-frequency oscillator by the transistor vi, V2, a resistor R1 R7, capacitor C3, C4, C6, diode VD5 and a V D8 high frequency transformer T (W1 W3 a wound on the same ring, the formation of a high-frequency transformer) composition; from the output circuit choke L1, L2 and capacitor CL-C10 components. When energized, the AC 220V voltage by a V D4 rectifier VD1 and Cl, C2 filtering, in A, C generated across the DC voltage of about 280V, and high-frequency oscillator power supply. Transistor V1, V2 in the capacitor C3, C4, C6 and C10 under a winding W3 W1 a role T, and soon turned into a high-frequency alternating oscillation state off, resulting in an approximately sinusoidal between A, B two points high-frequency alternating voltage waveform, voltage through L1, the LZ and a C7 to C10 plus fluorescent tubes ELI and EL2 filament, making ELI and EL2 starter lit. After ELI and EL2 is lit, its filament resistance sharp decline, C9 and C10 high ignition voltage drop across the normal value, maintain normal light fluorescent tubes.

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