Four flashing lights string circuit 2

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Clever use of a four-way slowly dimming LED driver integrated iU shoe production and Qis four flashing lights string controller. Ten Electronics Co., Ltd. Wenzhou production HF

Four flashing lights string circuit 2
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C3484 manifold is dedicated to play Ji light with four lights flashing slowly fades the chip, which uses black soft paste package measuring 2mm 9 iimm. It is programmed to delete the case when asked, H1 output can directly drive a light-emitting diode or a crystal diode, each output phase difference of 90. Flashing. VD, vs, C, C blink R. Group ring simple half-wave rectifier capacitor step-down voltage regulator circuit, power and energy output 3V left some DC voltage supply manifold HFC3-184 use electricity. Manifold four outputs Ql - Q4 sequentially input {fj negative-going pulses, by R. ~ R. By an external transistor VTl - VT4 trans to zoom into a positive pulse followed by a touch hair thyristor VT5-VT8, called road driving lights take E1-E2 E3- F: 4 - F: 3- F.2 - - order Di lit by slowly fades, as long as the four lights for proper arrangement in space can be formed of water-efficient results. RR manifold connected between an electrical terminal is busy RP and resistance R, meet their external oscillation resistor, adjust the RP can change the resistance of the flow rate of the light string, table 8-1 for the size of its output resistance of a cycle time off line. VTI --VT1 are Wu Ding with 9012-type silicon PNPj shake tube requires p 100; VTo-VTS are available MCRIOO-S-type cut and other small plastic products unidirectional thyristor (IA, 600V). Fl ~ E4 each lantern power not exceeding 1.. W is appropriate. RP wFj type using small synthetic carbon potentiometer, C, requires CIm-4. ov poly propylene [U container, several other devices without special requirements. Bong circuit/f debugger, power that can make normal L. In order to prevent the thyristor VT5-VTS can receive a T r small disturbance can make [Bu Chang may be at each gate electrode and the cathode of the thyristor in parallel and then ask one o OirLF ceramic dielectric container malfunctioned acridine excluded.

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