Four flashing lights string circuit 4

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

By ASIC it is a flashing light string web dig troller, which has four outputs; single key cycle Control 1 6 kinds of tricks, and can choose 16 or section 8 before paragraph aft

Four flashing lights string circuit 4
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er paragraph 8 pattern. Electrical circuit further has a photosensitive resistor R1., Can string lights automatically turn off during the day, night flashes; the circuit is very suitable for Christmas. producing product circuit DIJrJ-I-1 standard packages can also be customized and then seek black soft cream packaging according to customer use the power supply voltage range of 2-7V. 1,1-1,4 chip output can directly drive a thyristor, KEY is the key input, each button can be changed once a color Chan circulation pattern, Jt has 16 patterns, as shown in Table 82: The circuit CS98. () PT 1 vacant end, it can automatically cycle 16 kinds of patterns, each button SL3 - times lantern string El- E4 press changes shown in table 82, s optional MC; 45 type photosensitive resistor, during the day can since moving to close all lights extinguished. Thyristor-cho MC, R100-8 type. Vibration resistance R: current limiting buck hurricane resistance should make the necessary changes according to the AC electrical Ju A and L frequency size, when the state 110V, 60Hz AC network when, R. The recommended value 25-33kn:. R recommended value 68-150kfl. When using 220V,/50Hz AC the grid, R. The recommended value 33-39kfl; R. The recommended value] 50-300kn.

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