BH-SK-1 with the production of non-contact infrared light switch

By BH-SK-I produced non-contact infrared lamp switch circuit shown in Figure 3-42, it is mainly by voice integrated circuits, infrared light-emitting tube and receiving tube, c

omposed of the triac circuit and power circuit where part. Switch back to the main route SCR vs, diode VD4-- VD7 composed vs when opened, lamp H lights, vs shut off, the lamp goes out. Control loop by voice integrated circuits, infrared light-emitting and receiving tubes and other components. Electrical control loop source transformer T Buck, VD2, VD3 full-wave rectification and c] filtering supply, cl ends around 8V DC output voltage through the resistor Rl the infrared light emitting tube LED lights radiate infrared light. R2, VD1 and C3 composed of simple regulator circuit, stable output 6V DC voltage supply manifold A voice electricity. FIG VT phototransistor with an infrared receiver, since the sake of alignment, the LED emitted infrared light can not be incident on the VT, it is usually an integrated circuit in a steady voice state, set this state, 12-pin output low power level, vs off, the lamp H does not shine. If the finger waving in front panel switch, since the reflection of the finger, the LED emitted infrared light irradiated onto the VT, VT equivalent resistance becomes so small, that the manifold input pin l get a low trigger signal, internal bistable circuit flip, increased from 12 feet on the low to high, vs opened, H lamp lit. If we switch panel in the front waving, Manifold l feet and get a trigger signal, the internal flip-flop circuit Zhi Yi flip times, 12 feet from the high to the low level it, vs off, the lamp H goes out.

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