Multivibrator infrared transmitter circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

By transistors VT1, VT2 and RC components, etc. to form a multivibrator. Multivibrator works: Ra, R4 are VT2, VT1 base bias resistor, closing the switch SA after the power volt

Multivibrator infrared transmitter circuit
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age, VT2 priority conduction through its collector plate was low O this low level by VD2, Ca is coupled to the base of VT1 together make VT1 off. After VT2 conduction, R4, VD2 and Vr2 charge to G, the charge is to bring G left positive and right negative charges r make VT1 base potential starts to rise. When the base current pressure is increased to a certain value, rri conduction, the collector under the jump substation level by VD1, C2 is added to the base VT2, VT2 by conduction to make the deadline. A moment later. VT1 turned off. VT2 conduction. VT1, VT2 variant for turning on and off, so to the cycle continues, so do the glenoid q4 multivibrator. The oscillation frequency depends on the charge and discharge time constant and G breeze Island. VT1, VT2 after the start-up alternately turned on and off, then on its collector LED2, LED3 and LEDI alternately emit infrared light red shade.., LED visible light is used to monitor the oscillator is working properly or not, that is the working condition.

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