Narrow pulse infrared light emitting circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

By the time-base integrated circuit 555, the transistor VT and a few external components to form a multivibrator circuit charge and discharge time constant Ti and V, where Ti 0

Narrow pulse infrared light emitting circuit
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.7 (stone roller + RP) Island, T2 a 0. 7RPCz, its oscillation frequency depends on the charge and discharge time constant T (T Ti + hole), that is., I-l/D-1. d4/[(Rl + 2RP) (12] RP Hr potentiometer to adjust the frequency of the oscillation circuit according to needs, such as 18-54 mesh parameter, the oscillation frequency is about 20kHz. Since the charging time constant (Ri + RP ) (the soil is much larger than the discharge time constant R2 C2 Therefore, the pin output low and high pulse oscillation time than about 1: 10. VT due to driver stage using an NPN transistor 3DG6, so-infrared LED conduction emission) and suspended off time ratio of 1 t 10. that red is only 1/10 of the oscillation period T outer tube emitting infrared light emission time, a narrow pulse is emitted infrared light. infrared light emitting diode LED using TLN107 diode, a peak current of 600rnA, the average level of about 250mA. top LED has a lens, it will emit infrared light converging into radiation angle of 50. to 60. radiate infrared beam, as infrared signals sent to the receiver number.

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