Intelligent home lighting control switch transmitter and receiver circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

This design is to achieve a long-distance wireless remote control switch lighting control system consists of two parts the transmission system and the reception system.

Intelligent home lighting control switch transmitter and receiver circuit
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The system uses wireless transceiver modules RF transmission and reception circuit, emitting portion mainly by addressing the key circuit, encoding and transmitting circuit modules; received by the receiving part of the main module, MCU control circuit and load circuit. Launch system using 1 12 V battery-powered, the receiving system using 3 1.5 V battery-powered, single-chip with 5 V DC power supply, energy-saving power supply, easy. Wireless transmission system circuit: The main use PT2262 chip to complete the circuit of the key signal is encoded PT2262 can control four channels. Figure 2, PT2262 1 to 8 feet is coded address side, each end of the address can be set "high" (the pin is connected to 12 V), "low" (the grounding pin), "vacant" Three states. 10 to 13 feet is coded data input terminal D3 ~ D0 (using 4-bit data), in each data terminal is connected to a button to control different devices. When you press the button, the button corresponding to the voltage of 12 V is applied to the data terminal, and data terminal through the crystal information signals and transmitted. PT2262 will be encoded according to the data set and entered the address code, coded pulse from 17 feet out. When 17 feet oscillation output pulse "0", Vl composition; wireless communication controlled by coded pulses, pulse is 17 feet when the "l", composed oscillator V1, resulting in 315 MHz high frequency signal and transmitted to stop working. This design uses microcontroller AT89S52 and chipsets PT2262 / 2272 to achieve a programmable 4-way wireless switching system for lighting control, avoiding the use of special decoder chip restrictions, to take advantage of scalable and flexible software and hardware resources, system good, and low cost, low power consumption, is a scientific solution intelligent home lighting control.

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