JS88 holiday lights IC circuit

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

Figure 2-39 is a typical application circuit JS88 manifold, the figure is oscillation resistor R, whose resistance to change can fine-tune the size of the water

JS88 holiday lights IC circuit
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flicker frequency. After closing switch S, L1-L5 sequentially output low end of the chip, so five light-emitting diodes on the light cycle LEDl ~ LED5 light. Figure 2-40 after making a practical use JS88 motorcycle wagon 5 Road thunderbolt flash controller. R1, VD and C composition Manifold regulator circuit, the output voltage of about 3.6V DC power supply manifold. Wherein Rl size of the resistance by the motorcycle battery G of the voltage determines when 12V, the value 1.5kQ: 6V when the value of 3.000. Chip L1-L5 level output by the PNP -type transistor VTI ~ VT5 amplification to drive 5-way string lights flashing LEDs. The number of strings of lights connected to each main emitting arm to be determined by the supply voltage, if using 6V battery G, each channel can be connected in series 2-3 only light tube, if the battery voltage is 12V. Each arc tube can be connected in series 5-6. Each also parallel and identical light string sets. Oscillation resistor R2 and the transistor VTI-VT5 can be directly inserted chip soldered JS88 small printed circuit board, because the board has reserved holes printed. After Aung arc tube disposed in the back of a motorbike wagons, when driving at night, just press the switch S (with the brake handle linkage), LED flashing hair on light, very eye-catching. FIG. 241 is an integrated circuit made JS88 holiday lights 5-way controller circuit consists JS88 manifold, SCR drive circuit and power supply circuit of several components. 220V AC by C1 buck, VDI rectifier, VD2 and C2 filter regulator, stable output DC voltage of 3.6V, the electricity supply manifold. Manifold output drive level by the transistor VT1 ~ VT5 after amplification is applied to the thyristor VS1-VT5 the gate, thus the 5-way lights flashing HI ~ H5 energy cycle. R2 is vibration resistance, resistance to change its size, you can change the circulation loop frequency. S switch to work.

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