5G169 holiday lights integrated circuit

AC by VDI ~ VD4 full-wave bridge rectifier output pulsating DC power for four lights. Rl, R2, VD5 simple composition and VD6 regulator circuit, Cl filtered output by about 6V D

C power supply manifold. VD6 here isolators, so to get across R2 6V full-wave pulsating direct current voltage ripple frequency of the alternating current to twice that of 100Hz, 100Hz for this signal by R4 injection manifold 8 feet as a synchronization signal. FIG. SB is forward and reverse control switch, SB open cycle is positive; SB closed reverse circulation. Figure 2-102 is the forward loop convolutions 9 to 12-pin output, the dashed line indicates the arc light levels change, period r adjustable range lOOms ~ 5s.

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