Barricade warning lights flashing circuit

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

Foot using a battery-powered blinking warning lights roadblocks N, can H1 Wu AC power to local roads Shi I make barricades with warning. hF555 and RP1,

Barricade warning lights flashing circuit
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RP2, (, RI to form a light control type self-excited multivibrator. , a RJ exposed to bright light during the day showed low resistance, NF: 555 forced reset pin end of the first level is less than 0 4V, NF.J55 It was forced to reset output pin to low level .Vll, wT2 off, small warning light E lights. night RI, light irradiation showed a high resistance, accounting for 4 and RP2 partial pressure so that the first foot level rise, when al 0 tv when, uh, they lift the blockade of the circuit, the circuit that is vibrating. suffer from the principle: no NE5 5 5 feet of low -level, and the circuit is set, pin outputs a high level, feet by RP1 to C, photoelectric, so (,, That first song terminal voltage foot level constantly Ji} when l to 2,73 when the supply voltage, power hoof reset, pin output low, then c, foot by RP1 to discharge, C. Qu terminal voltage that is the first level is not feet fall off. when the power supply voltage is reduced to 1/3, the circuit is set to fork Tacitus, feet high mutation fU flat, fork through RP1 Ask L. charge ...... Quine undone generates vibration swing so foot mountain high and low output gap, when the pin output high, VT1, VT2 conduction,. E is lit; when feet low when the output, VT1, VT2 off, F goes out. thus cho see as when the tomb of NE555 circuit oscillations, warning lights E will continue flashing light. can be changed tub twenty RPl f 'song flicker frequency, RP2 adjust the sensitivity of the whole town peel light control circuit, the circuit under appropriate light intensity can be positive for I. Chang. R1. may H1 MC, 45 type and other photosensitive resistor .VT2 require the use of high-power NPN two root canals. r-cho using state 12V car light bulb, outside the need to install a red shade .G 12V battery. no other special components sister ink requirements.

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